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Network equipment

Selection of optimal network equipment for companies of any size. By purchasing network equipment from one supplier you save your resources.


Network and data security

Professional assistance on protection of corporate networks against viruses, malicious software, hacking and other cyber-threats.


Network security audit and inventory

There is nothing worse than a “blind” network administrator. Highly professional AVEDUS team is always ready to inventory your network equipment, document the current situation and perform an audit of network security.


About us

AVEDUS is one of the leading network security companies in Lithuania

Our highly qualified team, fast response, focus on the needs of our customers, extraordinary projects with unique content and scope implemented by our team ensure leading positions in the field of network security in Lithuania.

Our modern management system (ISO 9001, 27000) and flexible management structure induce high motivation among company’s staff and experts who make decisions and objectively assess and implement network security solutions offered to AVEDUS customers.

AVEDUS team stands out in terms of discretion, work culture and competence in the field of network security

As experts of the highest level, we cooperate with world leading developers of data security, video conference equipment and analytical solutions. Our experience gained when implementing projects with unique content and scope allows us finding the most optimal solution for our customers and ensuring security of their network and data.

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